Nature Shaders


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? Early Bird Discount: 50% OFF
We would like to thank all beta testers and early users of Nature Shaders for all the feedback and help that you have given us. This discount is for you.
Regular price: $70

Interaction, wind, and better shading for your vegetation.

Nature Shaders is a collection of shaders for your vegetation that brings you player interaction, wind simulations, better quality shading, and more.

You can easily convert and import models from any source, such as SpeedTree, Megascans, or other assets from the Unity Asset Store. Nature Shaders’ unique algorithm automatically analyzes the models and materials and converts them for you.

The shaders are built upon a shader-framework that is trusted and used by over 25,000 developers. You can expect polished, easy-to-use, and well-optimized shaders, with extensive documentation.

[Website]( • [Quickstart]( • [Documentation]( • [Twitter](

Supports all platforms and all render pipelines
The shaders work out-of-the-box in all render pipelines, without any additional setup. You can use your vegetation models in all render pipelines, even if the vegetation was not created for that specific pipeline.

One-click Setup
Just click on a prefab and convert it to a Nature Asset, and the prefab and materials are converted and configured for you automatically.


Push down grass, have plants sway, and leave a trail behind objects. Any object in the scene can interact with vegetation. The only thing you need to do is add a collider to the object.

Simulate the wind passing through your vegetation, from calm days to violent storms.

Simulate light passing through leaves. This results in more realistic lighting that shades your vegetation correctly in all lighting conditions.

Color Correction
Change the color of vegetation using accurate color correction methods. You can even add color variations for the same vegetation throughout the scene.

Perspective Correction
Tilt grass away from the camera when looked at from a top-down perspective. This creates a more dense and realistic look.

Dynamic Masking
Remove vegetation within a specific area, or reduce the density. Useful to hide vegetation under buildings, to let the player cut grass, or to create unique game mechanics.

Dynamic Color Overlay
Change the color of vegetation within a specific area of your scene. These areas can be created, moved, and changed dynamically.

Convert Meshes
Meshes are analyzed using Nature Shaders' unique algorithm to identify tree branches, leaves, and other vegetation shapes. These shapes are then used to configure wind and interaction automatically. There is no need for manual configuration of models or meshes.

Convert/Import from:
? SpeedTree
? Quixel Megascans
? Unity's Tree Creator
? Any Asset Store asset
? Custom models created by your team

Convert Materials
Materials are converted automatically using the included conversion profiles. This will automatically copy properties, and remap them if needed.


License Info
? Perpetual License
? Commercial Use
? Unlimited Users¹

¹This license allows for unlimited users within a single location of your business. If you have multiple office locations, or if you work with external contractors please select the Multi-Entity license above the purchase button.

? This is the default license on the Asset Store, this text is just to clarify the details. Full details are in the [Asset Store EULA](

This asset and license are intended for usage in Unity 2019 and 2020. We make a major upgrade for Nature Shaders every year for new major Unity versions. (2020, 2021, 2022, ...)

Keeping Nature Shaders up-to-date with the latest changes and new features in Unity takes a lot of effort and resources, and we ask for your help with this through a small upgrade price for major releases. You are not required to update if you don't need to, and you can continue using Nature Shaders in Unity 2019-2020 for as long as you need.

The next major upgrade will be Nature Shaders 2021 for Unity 2021.

Free email support is included with your purchase.


Seamlessly integrated with Nature Renderer
Combine this asset with [Nature Renderer]( to use the shaders for vegetation on your terrain and render vast amounts of vegetation at high performance.

Supported render pipelines and Unity versions:
? Standard/Built-In???·?Unity 2018.4 - 2020.2
? High-Definition 7.2+?·?Unity 2019.3 - 2020.2
? Universal 7.2+???? ·?Unity 2019.3 - 2020.2

Technical Details
? Supports billboards. (using Unity's billboard renderer and billboard assets)
? Supports VR.
? Supports Forward and Deferred rendering.
? Supports LOD crossfade.
? Quality Settings can be changed at runtime.
? API available to create and edit materials at runtime.
? Shaders use HLSL code and can be modified.

? Temporal Anti-Aliasing (HDRP) is not supported in combination with Wind.
? Raytracing in HDRP is not supported.

Is something missing in this list?
Feel free to [contact us]( with any questions.

Notes and Limitations
* The shaders are intended to be used with instancing. Static batching is not supported.
* Nature Shaders is a collection of shaders, it is not a rendering engine or placement tool.
* Interaction is supported for grass and (small) plants. Trees do not support interaction.
* 3D models and scenes shown in screenshots are not included.
* This asset ships with plugins, C# source code is not included.
* Alpha and Beta versions of Unity and preview packages are not supported. Support for new releases will be added a few weeks after the release is out of beta/preview.
* Converting meshes and materials is not a one-on-one conversion. The result will be similar to the original asset, but Nature Shaders may have different lighting, colors, features, or wind animations compared to the original asset.


License agreement: Extension Asset
License type: 149.2 MB
File size: 1.0.1
Latest version: Mar 10, 2021
Latest release date: 2018.4.12 or higher