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Try before you buy.

This website is a "try before you buy" service that gives you the opportunity to try assets in the context of your project without having to buy it upfront. The Asset Store / Marketplaces are not providing demo version of the assets like all other digital goods that you can purchase on the Internet. Anything you can buy online, you always have a money back guarantee, but not with game asssts. Worse, they have setup with the publisher a "no refund" policy so that if you buy something to test it and it is not working as intended, you are screwed, and Paypal will not refund you. Because of this, this website was created to provide in accordance to the Fair Use Doctrine, a way to test assets before buying them. The usage of these assets is strictly for reviewing, learning and doing research.

If you are using them in a product, you muust buy them.

A list of strict rules have been created and are enforced by moderators to prevent copyright infringement and insure that people are using this website as intended

you cannot spread downloaded assets from here on another website. If we catch you, you are banned.