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Skillshare - Character Animation Basics: Create a Dance Loop with After Effects and Photoshop

Looking to learn animation, but don´t know where to start? Create a dance loop from start to finish and learn After Effects along the way in this fun, comprehensive class!

Skillshare - Create a Sci-Fi Space Loop in Cinema 4D and After Effects

In this class, you will learn how to make a cinematic sci-fi space loop animation in Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Udemy - After Effects: Convert Photos to Amazing Painting Animations

Learn how to create amazing painting animations from photos in After Effects and Convert photos to sketches in Photoshop

Lynda - Designing a Channel Ident

Idents are short promo videos that identify a station or network. Once a mainstay of radio and television, idents are now a critical branding element for all digital channels, especially platforms like YouTube. Join Eran Stern in this short, fun, and easy

Skillshare - Animated Lettering in After Effects

Lettering such an expressive form of art. Adding animation can really take your lettering to the next level.

Skillshare - After Effects: Your Way to Learn Motion Graphics

This after effect motion graphics course is a professional course for beginners to improve their level in motion graphics as the course starts with from scratch explaining the software`s tools and how to work with it to create a full project and learning

Skillshare - Jazz up your Illustrations with a Parallax Animation in After Effects

In this class, I will teach you how to animate your illustration with a simple Parallax Effect using Photoshop.

Skillshare - Advanced Motion Tracking & Call Out Titles in Adobe After Effect

In this course, you learn how to design and animate professional call-out title and then put them on 3D space inside real-life videos by using advanced motion tracking inside Adobe After Effects.

Skillshare - Getting Started in After Effects: Flag Animation

I'll walk you through a simple process in which you will learn to build and rig a simple flag for animation. You will also learn about the duration of a flag animation cycle and how a flag would behave in the hands of an actual character. Lastly, you will

Skillshare - After Effects CC 2019 Essential Training: VFX

Learn how to create stunning 3D, VR, and cinematic visual effects (VFX) with Adobe After Effects CC 2019.

Skillshare - How to Morph Complex Shapes in After Effects

In this tutorial, you will see the steps of morphing complex figures in After Effects. You don't need any extra plugins or programs for the animation.

Skillshare - Master character Rigging: Ater Effects

Character Animation takes a lot of know-how and practice no matter how you do it. But if you´re working in 2D or 3D animation software, great character animation also takes something else: a well-built rig. A bad rig makes animation difficult, inefficient

Skillshare - Visual Effects & Motion Graphics | Beginner to Advanced | Adobe After Effects | Videocopilot

Key Uses: Create Energy Beams, Lightsabers, Lasers, Portals, Neon Lights, Electric, Haze & more

Skillshare - Cel Animation Basics: Creating a Weaving Loop Animation

Howdy! Have you ever wanted to dip your toes into cel animation but didn't know where to start? The goal of this class is to familiarize students with the cel animation workflow and give them confidence to use cel in their projects.

Skillshare - 10 Tips to Speed Up Workflow in After Effects

MP4 1920x1080 | Total time: 0h 31m | ENG | 278 MB

Lynda - After Effects Weekly (Updated October: 2019)

During the last few years, After Effects has grown from a simple software program into an ever-evolving motion graphics ecosystem. New features are being added each quarter and it's getting hard to keep up. This weekly series demonstrates tips, tricks, an

Skillshare - Bringing 3D Objects Into Live Action Footage | After Effects | Cinema4D | VFX |

Hello! My name is Manning Moore! In this class, we will go over the basics of how to bring 3D elements into a 2D live action scene. We go through 3D tracking a shot, animating 3D objects and compositing all of the elements together to look realistic.

Skillshare - Create a Retro City Loop in Cinema 4D & After Effects

In this class, you will learn how to make a stylish retro city loop animation in Cinema 4D and After Effects. This class is suitable for users of all levels. Beginners who have not used the software before will be able to follow along. Intermediate to adv

Lynda - After Effects: Principles of Motion Graphics

Explore the core principles used to create motion graphics using a familiar tool-Adobe After Effects. In this course, instructor Ian Robinson explores everything from gathering inspiration to integrating traditional typography, transitional elements, anim

Lynda - Product Visualization in Maya and After Effects

3D visualization is a crucial aspect of 21st-century product design, manufacturing, and marketing. Autodesk Maya is an ideal tool for bringing product designs to the screen and print media. The deep and powerful feature set of Maya provides almost limitle

Udemy - Create Professional Lighting Logo Reveal in After Effects CC

Do you want to create a cool Lighting Logo Reveal Animations like the one in the promo video? If so, you're in the right place. You'll learn how to create professional lighting effects, then you'll learn how to add special effects and create awesome envir

Cubebrush - Animated Login Screen

In this tutorial I lead you through the entire creation process of a potential Login Screen Animation for your game, similar to the well-known ones of League of Legends. During the process I introduce you to unique ways of designing thumbnails and generat

Skillshare - Introduction To Animating In After Effects Part 1-3

Have you ever wanted to try animation or motion design in After Effects, but have been put off by its complexity? Have you tried After Effects but not sure you´re really "getting it"? Then this class is for you!

Skillshare - After Effects CC Expressions For Beginners - Introduction To Expressions

Welcome to my 'Introduction To After Effects Expressions For Beginners' Class!