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FlippedNormals - Crimson Ronin - PBR Character Creation for Games

FlippedNormals - Crimson Ronin - PBR Character Creation for Games | This course cover every single step from sculpting to the final render inside of Blender realtime engine EEVEE.

Mold3D Academy - Character Creation for Video Games with J Hill

Instructor J Hill will take you through the entire process of making a AAA game character of your own using tools & techniques used in the Video Game industry.

Game Art Institute - Character Creation by Jason Martin

In this course, students will create a fantasy-based bipedal characters from scratch using any major 3D package, ZBrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter and Marmoset. The course will cover finding reference and inspiration, blockout and design, finding shape

Skillshare - Stylized Game Art: Character Sculpting for Video Games | Part 01: Project Overview & Blockin

Hi there! Welcome, and thanks for choosing Class Creative´s Stylized Game Art: Character Sculpting for Video Games | Modern Nextgen Fundamental Workflow Development | Thor Overwatch Style!! In this foundational course, we will be learning the fundamentals

The Gnomon Workshop - The Art of Iconic Creature Design

There are many approaches for designing characters for the screen. Industry veteran Aaron Sims details two of his tried-and-trusted workflows for creating iconic concept designs for film and TV, using Photoshop and ZBrush. As well as guiding you through h

Gumroad - Spiderman Timelapse + Photoshop File (with Rafael Grassetti)

Sculpting timelapse divided into 8 videos (length 1hr:22 no audio)

Udemy - Mythological Female Character - Complete Game Pipeline

Sculpt, Retopologize, Unwrap & Texture a Female Character using Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, & Marvelous Designer

Gumroad - Essential Rock Creation Techniques by Daniel Castillo

In this fully narrated, step-by-step tutorial Daniel Castillo teams up with Levelup.Digital to share his impressive sculpting and texturing techniques for creating rocks. This is an essential lesson for anyone looking to learn how to create game-ready, re

Skillshare - Painting Eyes For Characters Fast In Zbrush

Learn how to paint simple character eyes in zbrush really fast! Have you ever wanted to paint your character's eye in Zbrush? It is really simple! In this class I will guide you through the process of Painting a character eyeball and make custom paint bru

Skillshare - Characters from Concepts

Welcome to Characters from Concepts. A class on taking an inital concept through Zbrush and 3dsMax to a final 3D image.

CG Makers - 3D Character Creation - Gold Pack

CG Makers - 3D Character Creation - Gold Pack | 2.62 GB

CG Makers - Cartoon Modeling

This course is aimed at people who have no knowledge on Zbrush as a digital sculpting tool. The content of the course is basic and aims to help people becoming familiar with the work environment and learning some essential concepts that will allow to take

CG Makers - Create your own Batman

Are you a student, professional or amateur and aspire to become a digital artist and want to strengthen skills for the creation of 3d characters in the film industry, digital animation and video games? If your answer is yes, this course is for you!

CG Makers - Harley Quinn Gun

Basic tools Zbrush / bases for the development of 3d characters / Brushes / Panels / Polygroup / Masks. Learn how to create the Harley Quinn Zbrush weapon and learn Hard surfaces modeling for Modeling props and rigid objects.

Udemy - Orc Rider and Bull Creature Creation in Zbrush

A real time step by step course for sculpting Orc and Bull creatures for portfolio. Are you ready to learn how to make a realistic high poly model, Armour, clothes, weapons, fur and everything only in Zbrush, fast and efficient? Then I welcome you to Next

Skillshare - Zbrush For Beginners - Sculpt And Paint Your First Cartoon Character Head In Zbrush

Stylized cartoon characters give you tons of opportunities! After making one in Zbrush, you can 3D print them, use them in your video game engine or just make a badass 3D reder of them! Also, they are easy to make and they help you to learn all the basic

Lynda - ZBrush: Tips and Tricks (Updated: October 2019)

Looking to work smarter with ZBrush? In this weekly series, Emmanuel Henri digs into this popular digital sculpting tool, helping you enhance your ZBrush skill set, one tip at a time. Each installment covers a specific topic, including how to work with ke

Gumroad - Female Anatomy Tutorial by Rafael Grassetti

During this tutorial, you will learn how I go about creating a female model. I will show you my process of blocking the model from scratch, the female proportions and main muscle groups to always keep in mind. We will look at the differences from the male

CGMaster Academy - Anatomy for Production

The objective of this class is to understand anatomy in terms of shape, form, and function. Each week we will study a different portion of the upper human body, find ways to simplify the muscle and bone structures, and see how these impact or are impacted

Udemy - Model And Texture Stylized Props for Videogames 2018

Learning 3D in general can be very confusing and time-consuming when doing it by yourself. I want to make the learning process easy for you. We´ll be going through all the tools and concepts of modeling and texturing in very detailed videos. We will only

Gumroad - Handgun for Video games Tutorial with Eugene Petrov

In this tutorial I will cover full process of creating a game ready weapon asset, aimed for modern FPS video games. I will show my working pipeline of creating hard surface high poly models in Zbrush using Live Boolean feature, then creating low poly opti

ArtStation - Hard Surface Trim Sheet Tutorial by Tyler Smith

Hard Surface Trim Sheet Tutorial by Tyler Smith. A full run through of creating a tilling hard surface trim sheet texture from scratch using maya, Zbrush and Photoshop. Showcasing techniques for poly modeling in Maya and boolean/insert techniques in Zbrus

Gumroad - Lookdev and Light your Zbrush Sculpts by Tom Newbury

In this tutorial, you will gain the knowledge to take an unfinished sculpture, or speed sculpt from Zbrush and render it out as a realistic traditional sculpture.

Udemy - Male Character Creation in Zbrush

By the end of this course, you´ll be able to model advanced male characters with clothing, accessories and weapons in Zbrush from start to finish.